Wednesday, 13 August 2014


My weekend was jammed full of activities, food, laughs, crafts and flying! Literally!! These weekends are the kind of weekends I enjoy! Although can be very tiring but you feel like you have made the most of the weekend, an accomplishment of such! So here goes...

So Friday I was at my boyfriends house and was just one of those days where I wanted to do something creative. I just got one of those urges to make something! But what? Hmm
So I finally thought of something! Yay! Wooden hearts with patterned decorating paper! 

Random but I am recently moving in my new room as my older sister as moved out! Yesssss finally I get a big room! Anyway... so I am gradually buying furniture and little antiques for my room and it is coming together quite nicely, so the wooden hearts are for my bed frame. 
Here is what I bought. All from 'hobby craft'! 3 wooden hearts with a round fastening on the top so I can thread through ribbon and place on my bed frame. 

As you can see I started one of them by simply tearing some of the decoration paper of your choice into small pieces, then placing some tacky glue on the part of your heart and start layering paper and sticking! Simple! They are such a nice and crafty idea for anything! Hang them on the walls, Christmas tree ornaments (oops did I mention The C Word in August!) hehe and other gifts to people! My mum already wants some!! 

Half finished result! Letting them dry! I am eager to do more to fit my bed frame! Will keep you updated when I do:) 
Such fun on a Friday for only a little cost!

So Saturday I had work.. If you don't know already I work for an amazing company called 'Urban Decay'! Know em'? You must do! If you don't where have you been! Anyway so work went well made some lovely ladies up for a BBQ and a lady to try our amazing new launch... PERVERSION MASCARA!
Look at these MAD results!! Absolutely in love with these products!

Basically you apply 'Subversion' first all over the lashes. It is a white primer that primes those lashes and helps separation  to help 'Perversion' mascara to apply evenly on the lashes to create amazing black long lashes! Amazing!!

That evening after finishing work it was time for dinner! Yes food!! 

It was my boyfriend Sam's, Mum and Dads 27th Wedding Anniversary! Aww! So we all celebrated with a few drinks at this lovely pub and then it was time for some yummy Indian cuisine! Yesssss!

This is where we had our meal! Called The Royal Indian. Based in Chislehurst. Was delicious! 

Being a vegetarian I found it very easy to decide..
I had:
STARTERS- Onion bahji
INBETWEEN- Papadoms/Mango Chutney
MAIN- Vegetarian Samosa's with Saag Aloo!

Just YUM!
Enjoyed to the fullest! Tingled my taste buds to a complete T! 

So today was the day.... INDOOR SKYDIVING OMG! Exciting but nerve wracking! 
This activity had been planned for a couple of months for Sam's dads 50th celebrations! All his family and everyone attended this once in a life time experience! And what a great experience it was!

All the gang! 
From L-R
Libby, Me, Sam, Allison, Zoe, Dan, Kelly, Birthday Boy Andy, Shelagh, Sophie and Scott! 

What a brave group we are! 

Hey it's only me!!! Didn't know I could bend like that! Ahah! Was such a fun experience! We got to have 2 sets of 1 minute sessions! Truthfully that was enough time as after I couldn't find my feet!!  

Here's Sam in action! He was real good at it! Show off!! Aha!

What a lovely weekend and enjoyed it to the maxx! 

Hope you had a splendid jammed packed weekend too! 

Chelsey x


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