Thursday, 14 August 2014


So last night I randomly looked up 'what to cook with egg noodles?' As that's a sort of normal thing you do on a Wednesday night! Aha anyway I thought egg noodles are pretty bland and tasteless just on their own so...
'Ta daaaaa' good old BBC Food Recipies gave me some inspiration of this Chinese style stir-fry which didn't contain any meat (woo!) but optional if cooking for more than one person you can add chicken or pork if you liked! 

Ingredients (serves 1)
- egg noodles
- green or red pepper
- frozen peas
- 1 large carrot 
- 2 cloves of garlic 
- half teaspoon ginger seasoning
- soy sauce
- vegetable oil or any oil 

You are well and truly on your way to making this lovely stir-fry!

I would say one thing.. I gave myself a 10/10 for effort as I had never attempted a stir-fry before, and plus thinking of vegetarian meals is still new to me, this meal was still wholesome and healthy with was a bonus!! 

Always room for improvements... more flavourings I think as some areas of my bowl I could taste the garlic and soy sauce and some areas it was just bland egg noodles...

So next time I might marinate the noodles in some sort of sauce or flavouring or such and keep adding more ingredients and see how it improves!

It was delicious for my first go:)

Thanks for reading guys!

Chelsey x


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